TEKKEN 7’s Arcade release date for Japan has been revealed to be FEBRUARY 2015 during Bandai Namco’s Autumn ‘New Products’ business meeting in Tokyo today. More of these meetings are occurring tomorrow on 21st, 24th, 28th and 29th October. TEKKEN 7 news is also rumoured to be revealed during MASTERCUP 7 on 2nd November. Scans of the catalogue mention potentially new ranks, titles and customization options. More info here

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Tekken 7 - Asuka VS Lili

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Hi, do you have the link to the video where you made that gifset of lili and katarina from? owo

I have the snippet from the stream which is here.

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The third BANAPASS has artwork of Kazumi Mishima. Don’t forget the stream is now running now with a direct feed of the Tekken 7 location test.

(Source: tekken-official.jp)

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*Tekken has super arts now... that is insane guess they are trying to get people ready for Tekken X Street Fighter?....*
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Possibly. Could just be that they wanted to add something that hasn’t been done in Tekken before and make it more engaging by having mid-fight cinematics. It also makes me wonder about the status of Tekken X Street Fighter that now all these Street Fighter style techniques are making into this game.

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