A new character for Tekken 7 was revealed during the Madcatz Tokyo Gameshow stream. “Catalina” will be playable during the location test in October and is aimed at beginner players. Originating from Central/South America, she’ll use Savate.

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Just announced on the Namco Sugamo Cup stream by Katsuhiro Harada, the location test for the new Tekken 7 will be held in Japanese arcades in October next month. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October, Namco Sugamo arcade in Tokyo and the Namco Nipponbashi arcade in Osaka will house Tekken 7 cabinets and allow people to play the new game on free play mode. Tekken 7 will include the ability to play against opponents locally in the arcade and also online against other players at different arcades through the internet. Players at the arcades will also be able to collect special designer banapass cards with the Tekken 7 render of Kazuya & Heihachi. You can look forward to camera video uploads and maybe a possible niconico stream of Tekken 7 in October. x x

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Hi :) sorry to bother, but I just saw a post about CR TEKKEN, and I'm like; what is that?! I've never heard of it, and don't know what it is, so can you please tell me? Also, I've saw a video on YouTube, in which Xiao, Jin and Paul are like mains or very important characters (in the end of the vid, Jin alone fighting robots or something?) and I guess it's as well CR TEKKEN, so what is it?? SO SORRY FOR BOTHERING YOU but I really want to know, and thank you a lot already. PS: love this blog!
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CR TEKKEN is the name of a Tekken based Pachinko game in Japan. Pachinko machines are like the equivalent of slot machines you would find in the West but pachinko machines use silver balls, almost the size of marbles that are then traded in for prizes (like you would with tickets or tokens at an arcade). You put a ball in the machine and depending on how it cascades down the machine, physically or digitally, it will trigger a series of events on the screen to keep people entertained since the idea of a silver ball going through a tiny obstacle course isn’t that exciting as it is. It will also give you more silver balls in return depending on how sucessful the run was. So, many pachinko machines are now themed, with a lot being based of anime or video games where it follows certain characters and events are determined by where the ball lands. That is the most I understand about it but you can read more on Wikipedia and other sites.

The cutscenes you’re seeing labelled as “CR TEKKEN” are simply fun little cutscenes from the pachinko game that are initiated by different outcomes when the ball is shot into the machine. There have been several Tekken based pachinko games using the character models from the actual Tekken games, going back to Tekken Tag Tournament 1. “CR TEKKEN” and “TEKKEN 3RD” are the most recent ones. I hope that’s helpful.

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